All About Net Suite

Complete Integration Solutions for Google and NetSuite


As a result of the increase in the use of Android phones and mobile technology, Google Apps are becoming part of the way individuals and companies do business. Anyone who has been in business long enough knows that the main platform they have used has been Microsoft especially Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft Outlook. However, we are seeing a change in people moving from these more costly and difficult-to-manage business platforms into Google Apps which are more economical and user-friendly. There are four major Google Apps in use today; Google Docs, Google Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Contacts.


Essentially, these are the four main productivity Apps at that all companies work with to compete with other businesses globally. Not every business will leverage the power of an integrated ERP and CRM business management suite like that provided by NetSuite. Those companies that leverage an integrated business suite, for example, NetSuite have a higher capacity for making more competitive advantages over those that do not. However, the standard productivity apps that are required for the irregular, unstructured demand for presentations, collaboration and electronic communications. Luckily, there are solutions out there which may be used to integrate NetSuite to Google Apps to reduce the common problems of export, import, and the ensuing inevitable data issues when you attempt to store information in your ERP and CRM system as well as the productivity suite.


Even though the CELIGO NetSuite partner community has created an integration between NetSuite and Gmail, some companies have created Google Contacts to NetSuite Sync. If you need a central repository of contacts in NetSuite as you will be using it to create and send email blasts and come up with lead nurturing campaigns, you are also utilizing Gmail for your daily calendaring and email, and you would want to link these systems. The aim here is to use NetSuite to synchronize all your contacts. As you go on adding people to Google groups, you may synchronize these groups with something similar to NetSuite Categories for each of the contacts. You may then use these category features as targeting mechanisms. You can then have your workers use their Android phones which have Google Apps as they capture details of the people they are dealing with on a daily basis. This creates nee NetSuite target groups without the need of lifting a finger or export/import data.


As businesses expand and staff continue to use other databases and programs, it will be vital to find timely and cost-effective ways to manage them. There are numerous options, but NetSuite offers a solution that works.